Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is harder than I thought it'd be!!

I have a new follower on my blog and that is probably the highlight of my morning!!! It's always nice to know that people are hearing your thoughts.
She was also a cast member at WDW so I'm so excited that she came across my blog! :o)
So anyhow, I kinda stole this from her blog!! Thanks Anna!

The Disney Challenge. (It's supposed to go over 3o days...but I'm far too impatient for that.)

1. Your Favorite Character-
--My favorite character always has been and always will be Pluto!

2. Your Favorite Princess-
--Aurora...not my favorite movie, I just think that shes the prettiest and the sweetest to meet in person!!

3. Your Favorite Heroine-
--Mulan... she kinda saved her country.

4. Your Favorite Prince-
--Aladdin. The other princes were already princes and they were spoiled and paid alot of attention to physical looks...which explains why they got married within 24 hours of meeting their princesses. ...just sayin.

5. Your Favorite Hero-
-- Mickey...have you ever seen Fantasmic?!?

6. Your Favorite Animal-
-- Dug. He is aboslutely phenomenal.

7. Your Favorite Sidekick-
-- Can I pick Dug again!?! haha I guess I'll say Timon & Pumbaa. Who doesn't love them!?

8. Your Favorite Villian-
-- Ew, I'm not a huge fan of villians....but I did think that Rapunzels "mother" was hilarious.

9. Your Favorite Original Character-
-- Kinda already answered this one...but Pluto!!

10. Your Favorite Song-
-- Probably "Kiss the Girl" From the Little Mermaid.

11. Your Favorite love song-
-- "So this is Love" from Cinderella.

12. Your Favorite villian song-
-- "Be Prepared" from the Lion King.

-13. Your least favorite song-
-- I honestly can't think of one I hate! haha. Probably the sweet nightengale song in Cinderella.

-14. Your Favorite Kiss-
-- Oh my goodness...if anyone DOESN'T love the classic Lady & the Tramp kiss then I don't know whats wrong with them!!

-15. The First Disney move you saw-
-- I remember going to see the Lion King when I was three and my mom warning me that if it was too violent & scary we could leave. hah!

-16. Your Favorite Classic-
-- Lady & The Tramp

-17. Your Least Favorite Classic-
-- Snow White (Sorry Kelly Todd)

-18. Your Favorite Pixar Film-
--UP! The best movie...ever.

19. Your Least favorite Pixar film-
--Ratatouille. or Wall-E. snooze.

20. Favorite Sequel-
--if Toy Story 3 counts as a sequel....oh my goodness...that movie will make grown men cry!

21. An overrated movie-

22. An underrated movie-
--Princess and the Frog. so many people HAVEN'T seen it...makes me sad.

23. A Movie that makes you laugh.

24. A movie that makes you cry.
--Up!! That movie just has it all.

25. Your favorite scene from your favorite movie.
-- Again...have to go with Up! The scene where Carl is all alone in his house reading the "Stuff I'm Going To Do" book...and he opens up and finds the note from Ellie....aaaah! i get goosebumps thinking about it!

26. Saddest Death-
--This is a horrible question, but Ray from the Princess and the Frog.

27. Your favorite quote-
-- this is hard...may have to come back to this one...

28. Your favorite themepark-
--wow, its got to be a toss up between Epcot & Magic Kingdom. Theyre just soo different from one another.

29. Your favorite theme park attraction-
-- At the moment, its definitely Soarin', but of all time..Thunder Mountain has always been a big favorite.

30. Your favorite theme park show-
--Has to be the new Finding Nemo show. So presh!

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