Tuesday, November 2, 2010

feeling rather pink...

well...eleven long months of preparation has quickly turned into 1 short day.
& pink outfits, luggage, and tennis shoes can only mean one thing...
Tomorrow evening I will be heading to New Orleans & preparing for my flight to Dalls, TX for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure!!

In January, during R.A. training, our boss K.D. Linkous asked the whole gang, "what is your new years resolution?" people began answering his question, and I absent minded-ly answered that I had seen a commercial for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure, & how I would love to participate. Now, at the time, I had no idea when or where the closest walk took place, or that the training would be much more tiring than i imagined, or how much the minimum cost was to attend and i definitely had no idea how challenging it would be to raise the funds.. And to be honest, I had no idea that anyone was even listening to me. Little did I know, I was heard.
My goal of $2300 at one time, seemed almost impossible, and alone, it would have been. 11 months after declaring my new years resolution I can sit here & say that thanks to numerous students, organizations, amazing friends, family, and even total strangers that I have reached and even surpassed my goal! The love & support I have received from everyone is, in a word, overwhelming.

I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize the countless people & organizations that have given of their time, effort, and money to save the lives of those fighting the battle of breast cancer.

-Southeastern Louisiana University Hall Council -- (My goal would still be just a dream without you guys. Thank you for all of your hard work and fundraising.)
-Southeastern Louisiana University Phi Mu Alpha Sinforia (your candy shop was such a success!)
-Peer Educators Educating Peers at Southeastern Louisiana University (I will never forget the moment we hit the $2300 mark! I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate with anyone else! I love you guys!)
-Congressman Charlie Melancon
-Chuck & Judy Chiasson (My amazing grandparents and biggest heroes who will probably never read this because they can barely turn on a computer)
-Jessica Brack (My mommy & one of my biggest cheerleaders. Thanks for nagging me to death about fundraising & deadlines. I wouldn't be nearly as prepared without you!)
-Charles Chiasson (My dad, I wish you could be there with me...i know how bad you wanted to try to run all 60 miles!)
-Rebecca Johnson
-Trip & Ann Holloway
-Luke Holloway (My life is forever changed for knowing you. Thank you for all of your support & prayers. You have definitely been one of the biggest blessings in my life & I can't wait to break in my new shoes!!)
-Kappa Sigma @ Southeastern Louisiana University
-Tau Kappa Epsilon @ Southeastern Louisiana University
-Kappa Alpha @ Southeastern Louisiana University
-Bevann McCartney
-Amanda Robbins
-Ryan Pattison & Family
-Heather Breecher & Family
-Blake Barras & Family
-Stephen Rutherford
-Denise Thibodaux
-Chris McKinley
-Katie LeBlanc
-Alex Peyroux
-Jean Olsen
-Josh Olsen
-Sandy & Mike Olsen
-Jordan Williams
-Sarah Twidwell
-Tim Rielling
-Bobby Lee Talbot Small
-MJ Ahmed
-Hannah Pace
-Blake Small
-Michael Allen
-Cindy Floyd
-Barbara & Jarett Dornbusch
-Michael Brack
-Molly Arndt
-David Pendergast
-Nita Carbon
-Cindy Dubois
-Randi McCraney
-Eric & Carolina Schafer
-Katie McCloskey
-Kim, Palmer, & Grace Giddings
-Maureen Putrillo
There are SO many other countless people who have given joyfully whose names I was unable to collect. But thanks to all of you, 2900+ dollars was raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation & 75% of that collected will remain in this local area!! By sparing some change, you have truly changed countless lives.

I have been reading Nancy G Brinker's (the founder of the Susan G. Komen foundation) book "Promise Me" whenever I've had a spare moment and beyond being financially and physically prepared for the walk, this book has emotionally prepared me as well. The book is basically a memoir of the two sisters lives growing up, funny stories from childhood, their travels and experiences as they got older, and finally a devastating goodbye when Susan lost her battle with breast cancer. She was only 36 years old. Susan made Nancy promise her that she would make a difference in the way the world viewed and responded to breast cancer. To date, the Susan G. Komen foundation has raised over a billion dollars to fund research. Something that has been gripping me ever since I opened the book was how similar Susan & Nancy's relationship is to my sister Rachel & my relationship. Each story from their childhood makes me laugh because in some way, Rachel and I have pulled the same ridiculous stunt or gotten into the same pickle as they have. And as we get older, we remain just as close, regardless of where we are, be it North Carolina, Louisiana, or even Korea. Rachel is my best friend. My heart hurts deeply for anyone who has lost a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, or a friend to this dreadful disease. I can't even fathom the pain. Reading this book has just rekindled my reasons for walking the 3-Day even more. I am walking for those who can't. Nothing about the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure has to do with me. I am just the pawn used to represent countless victims of the disease and the family members they have left behind. I have been blessed to be one of the only people i know who has not personally dealt with a family member or friend fighting against this disease. I want to do this walk for those who never had a chance to. My main goal in this journey is to help to change the way the world views this illness. Who knows, maybe one day, thanks to all of the generous donations given through this foundation, we will find a cure so that no sister ever has to be alone again.

So anywho, I know this doesn't relate to Disney World at all, which was the main reason for this blog...but I definitely felt compelled to thank all of the donors again! I can't wait to come back with lots of stories! I'll be keeping a little note pad in my fanny-pack (YES! THEY GIVE US FANNY PACKS TO WEAR!!!!) to jot down stories from my time in Dallas...I know that the walk will be a life changing experience & i ask that you keep me & the rest of the 3-Day walkers in your thoughts and prayers as we travel to Dallas, and sleep in tents (eek), and do a LOT of walking! :o)

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