Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

I haven't been blogging all that much lately. Not that a lot hasn't been happening, just because I haven't really had the time! But hallelujah, praise the Lord the semester has FINALLY come to an end....and now I'm bored. So here it is, my next blog. Here's what you missed in November:

Of course, I posted my mile long blog about the SGK 3-Day so that was definitely a highlight of November. But in the next few weeks came thanksgiving! yay! I hope you all over-ate and enjoyed time with family and friends. I, however, celebrated what I would like to call thanks-ghetto at a little place I'd like to call...
The Crack Barrel.

Ah, yes. the crack barrel. The cracker bizzle. The place that made me cry about 600 times when I worked there. I've honestly never had a more stressful food related job. But on the other hand...the food really does rock. I almost get offended when people say they don't like this place! It's kinda like that family member you can make fun of but if anyone else says anything you kinda want to kick their butt. I have a strange love hate relationship with CB. Anywho, since it was just mom, rachel and myself, we decided to come celebrate thanksgiving here. After all, we didn't have to cook & there were no dishes to wash. Not the worst idea in the world.

oh, & it was game day, so we had to wear saints gear obviously. Which for some reason embarrassed my mother to death. I think the fear of being under-dressed scared her. Because as we all know, on Thanksgiving at the Cracker Barrel, you're only dining with Alabama's finest.
Here I am classing up the joint by getting a chair stuck on my butt.

So our lunch was good, we went home, watched the game, and then took a walk around Spanish Fort. Afterwards I headed home to Louisiana and hung out at the Peyroux house. We watched Harry Potter (because I live under a rock and haven't seen any of them) until about 2am when of course it was time for black Friday shopping.
Long story short, I sat in the pouring rain and wind until 4am, got trampled, and did not get one thing I wanted. meh...moving on.

So, In order to do something kind for our fellowman, we had to break a few rules.
To serve food to other students, you have to take a cooking class on campus. However, the only class offered lately was during my trip to Dallas, so I am not certified. Nor is Kevin, a fellow R.A. who lives on north campus. We decided we wanted the foreign students to have a place to go to have a real thanksgiving dinner. So rules were broken, but we made someone happy so that's all that matters. And as far as I know, noone got food poisoned, thankfully!!

Kevin is the man.

the food was AMAZING!!!
Since cranberry sauce is a "staple" at thanksgiving dinner, Kevin said we had to have it. I, for one, have never had cranberry sauce and did not know how to serve it so this is what i did.
I also got a good laugh out of the Nepal kids trying to cut into it. They finally gave up claiming it was "too slippery for their liking"
other r.a.s dropped in to help out! Thanks Jeffie!
nepal kiddos digging in!
They were really happy & told me the past few days had been really lonely. I wish I could cook for them every weekend.
enjoying thanksgiving!
r.a. buddies! :o)
I found this on my camera the next day...

So there you have it. Thanksgiving 2010.

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