Wednesday, January 26, 2011

orlando life.

My life as of late.

Wow, what an incredible experience already! Its hard to believe I have been here in Orlando two weeks already. Sometimes it feels like a couple of days, but sometimes it feels like months!! I feel so comfortable and happy here in the house of mouse. Disney has always been a very important part of my life, and I was incredibly thrilled to have the opportunity to work here, but I had no idea how natural and at home I would feel here as well, even a week into my program. I honestly feel that I have been called here for specific purposes and I am prepared to let the Lord lead me through these next few months!

So, for those wondering just what exactly I am up to here at Walt Disney World, I will briefly go into the living, working, and learning aspects of the College Program!

So, a little about the new digs…
I live in a three bedroom apartment in Patterson Courts, an apartment leased out by the Walt Disney Company which only College Program students can live in. I have five roommates: Rachel (who is my immediate roommate) lives in Michigan along with Kayla, who lives in Michigan as well. We also have Lauren from Atlanta, Sam from California, and Janelle from New Mexico. I am so thankful for each and every one of my roommates!! They have made the past week so much FUN! If not for them, I would have probably cried from homesickness and lonliness, but instead, we have spent every single night together in our living room laughing until we cried and sharing heart-to-hearts, or spent time exploring the parks at night after work. Getting to know each and every one of them has been such a pleasure!! We already have plans to visit each other in their hometowns once the program is completed! :o)

Now…on to the work!

My role in WDW is in the entertainment department. I am a Character Attendant! I honestly could not have picked a more exciting, interesting, fun and rewarding job!!! This job could not be more perfect for me. Basically, what I do is hang out with the world renowned Disney characters and assist our guests while they wait in line for an autograph or a photo! All day every day is devoted to giving guests a magical encounter with Mickey and his friends! Training has been such a riot! I’ve made lots of friends, sang a ton of Disney tunes, and seen so much in the past three days alone! I’ve learned so many priceless secrets, bits of information, and tips about entertainment and quality guest service that truly put Disney in to a league of their own. There is honestly something so special in each person that works here. Walt Disney once said that “you reach a point where you don’t work for money anymore”. And that statement seriously does continue to prevail in WDW. I believe that the people who choose to work here truly just want the guests’ happiness. This is after all the happiest place on earth.

So, since there are about 235837969847 stories that I could share from my past week, I am going to keep this blog as short as possible and not post any for the moment. I’m far too tired. But don’t worry, stories and blogs will be coming soon, and more often. Settling in has been a bit more hectic and crazy than I could have ever imagined!! But please stay tuned, I promise there are more exciting stories on the way. Ta-ta for now.

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