Friday, October 1, 2010

and so it begins.

After many years of anxiously waiting...
after a very nervous internet interview...
after a very exciting phone interview...
and after a week of impatiently anticipating a response...
I have just received the best news I have heard in quite some time....

I'm going to be living in the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!
Living with the big Mouse himself!
yep thats right! I have been hired on for the Spring 2011 DISNEY COLLEGE INTERNSHIP!
im moving to DISNEYWORLD im moving to DISNEYWORLD im moving to DISNEYWORLD!!

When I tell you I am over-whelmed, over-joyed, and just plain THRILLED...these are all understatements. Words could not even begin to express how I felt when I got my acceptance email today. Congratulations also to Jordan Keiff & Joshua Austin! My fellow R.A.'s who will be joining me on this amazing journey!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

So January 12, it all begins. I will be moving to Orlando, living in Disney's apartments with seven new roomies (but i decided to be pun-ny and call them my dwarfs! HAAAH!) and I will begin my college internship and a character attendant...that is, unless my performance audition goes well (but that's another story)

So you may find yourself asking, "What does a character attendant do?" Well let me tell ya:

Responsibilities may include:

  • Providing Guests with information about show schedules, Character locations, and visitation times
  • Providing audience control, including handling challenging Guest situations
  • Ensuring the safety of Character Performers and our Guests
  • Partnering with Disney's Photopass® photographers
  • Maintaining show quality and Character integrity
  • Setting up and removing stanchions, ropes and poles
  • Assisting Character Performers with putting on costumes
  • Retrieving and arranging strollers
  • Maintaining cleanliness and order in work location
  • Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
I am so excited to have the job of my dreams working for one of my favorite corporations while representing my favorite university!! But as I begin to prepare for this new journey, I ask that you all pray for me. That I will shine brightly for the Lord as I enter a new chapter of my life, that I will make great friends along the way, and that I can gain great experiences and opportunities from my journeys through this new wonderland!!!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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