Saturday, October 2, 2010

"is it still real?"

Jordan Keiff & I are still squealing like little 5 year olds about the fact that we will be living in Disney for five months. But hey, who in the world cold blame us?
our text convo this morning was something along the lines of:

JK-"Is it still real?!"
SC-"Yes, AAAAH!"
JK-"I know!! AAAH!"
SC-"what do your parents and g/f think?"
JK-"They're peeing their pants about it."
I don't think the excitement of this news will fade anytime soon.

I drove to Thibodaux last night to share the news with my family. Everyones pretty stoked...I think its because they can visit and stay with me for a discount? Eh, who knows?

But in all seriousness, I am beyond excited to begin my preparations for my departure. Visiting the website, gathering info and learning more about what ill be doing when I get there has got me wishing it was January 12th! However, theres a TON to be done before leaving.School required documentation, Medical Forms, and meetings with my advisor will all take place before leaving for the fall break next weekend, and thats on top of my extremely busy school week..and my BIRTHDAY! Yippy skippy!

Not only is Disney a big event coming soon, but our road trip to Austin is quickly approaching and of course the 3-Day for a Cure in Dallas will be here in about 33 days!

Thank you Lord for the continual blessings and opportunities you have placed in front of me!

I feel like my life has become such a crazy whirlwind in a matter of a week, but for this afternoon, I think I will just slow down, enjoy time with my dad, snack on sushi, watch football and bake funfetti cupcakes.

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  1. Perfect profile pic for your blog. I guess you've wanted to be Minnie Mouse for your whole life!