Wednesday, October 6, 2010

growing old is mandatory...growing up is optional.

Well...another year older...& none the wiser. hah!

When 12 am rolled around this morning, I was nowhere near sleep, up to my eyeballs in homework, research, and presentations. Just when I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed I was stricken with memories of my tenth birthday. I remember such random details like what I wore (a lovely leopard ensem. *whistle, whistle*), some of the gifts I got, and my family enjoying the day with me. I think my dad called me "double-digit-midget" like 900 times. clever, no? I love my dad, no matter how weird & unbelievably cheesy he is. some things never, ever change.
ten years later, here I am. A junior in college with such a promising future, but no matter how old I get I still feel like awkward-gawky-frizzy-haired-headgear-wearing Stephani.
Its funny how much changes in a short time...and also how much things stay the same.

So anywho... A very early morning conversation I had with a friend today reminded me of just how fast time is flying and how many things i want to accomplish before another 10 years zooms by. Realizations like this only make me that much more confident in my decision to attend the Disney College Program.
It's kinda sad how I can relate almost anything & everything to Disney World in some sense. But in all goal for the next ten years is to do absolutely EVERYTHING I dream to do. to not be afraid to take a risk, a leap of faith, or a chance. who knows, maybe ill even revive the old bucket list blog!!

Thank you Lord, for blessing me with another amazing year. I am so thankful for the multiple blessings I receive day in and day out!

p.s.--to all of those who made my birthday amazing...thank you!

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